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TipLeader compares odds for Football, Hockey, Basketball at more than 100 world sportsbooks. By analyzing these odds we find the Sure bets (arbitrage betting) - one bet per each outcome with different bookmakers that guarantee profit - winning bet will cover all losing bets. In the table you will find bookmakers whith who need to make bets and how to divide the stakes in percentage terms. Arbitrage betting its sure wins no matter the outcome. If you bet on all possible outcomes, then you are guaranteed to make a profit.
Date Sport League Home team - Away team Bookie W1 Bookie X Bookie W2 Profit Odds W1 Odds X Odds W2 Bet W1 Bet X Bet W2

The idea of arbitrage betting

The arbitrage betting strategy involves betting on all possible outcomes of a sporting event in a situation where each of the possible outcomes of the event provides a higher profit than the total amount of bets. The application of this strategy allows you to get a guaranteed win. However, for this purpose, a sports event used as an object of bets should preferably provide for any of its possible outcomes odds of more than 2.00. A sporting event with this particular feature should be selected before you start betting.

Better, playing according to the arbitrage betting strategy and seeking the current sporting event in manual mode, does a huge and painstaking job to find a suitable one. In each office, bookmakers set different odds for the same outcomes of the selected event. Therefore, for the correct allocation of the bet amount for all options, you need to use our table of arbitrage betting, where it is determined what percentage of the bankroll must be allocated on every possible outcome.

Ways to apply the sure bet strategy

There are two ways to ensure effective earnings on arbitrage betting.
The first way involves high stakes betting concerning one specific sporting event. In this case, a low percentage of the profit is offset by a solid cash ratio.

The second way to ensure a solid profit involves moderate betting concerning many sporting events, the outcome odds of which allows placing arbitrage bets. In this case, a significant profit is provided due to the right amount of suitable sporting events.

With all the advantages of free sure bets, such a betting strategy also has its drawbacks. It must be borne in mind that bookmakers often pre-compute bettors using this strategy and cut the maximum stake to the minimum value for them.

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